5 of the best reasons for “Why Blazemeter ?”

You need to ask yourself

What is the best possible way for a high-quality performance testing of your application?


Should you be using your own performance test bed ? How much setting up the test bed going to cost ?

Should you go for a paid testing tool ? How efficient is it going to be in terms of revenue ?

Should you use an open source load testing tool ? How much looking for it’s support might cost ?


This is where BlazeMeter comes to the rescue.


Blazemeter is an easy-to-use, cloud-based performance testing platform, which you can have straight access at any stage of a test action at any point where load, stress, or performance tests need to run. If you’re familiar with Apache JMeter technology, then you should know that BlazeMeter extends that technology by equipping some essential features of performance testing.

1. JMeter Based


Firstly, Blazemeter is JMeter based. And, JMeter has been labeled as the best open source performance testing tool recognized by several sources, including uTest. It is the most completely documented load testing application. Being compatible with JMeter can only mean one thing — definite ease at fusing. You will see that BlazeMeter can start testing the performance of any application, whether it is mobile, website, or app—in less than 10 minutes.

With this, you will not have any hassle in creating large-scale JMeter tests. You can easily run really large loads with BlazeMeter and share the results across distributed teams and outdo the limitations of JMeter’s standalone UI.

2. Supports DevOps now

You will love BlazeMeter even more as they offer digital businesses a modular and agile performance testing solution. According to Blazemeter, this is to control application speed, complexity, and performance. As BlazeMeter enables DevOps teams to easily run open-sourced based performance tests, you are guaranteed a high-performance software delivery.

Is it possible to implement #DevOps at a strategic level?

Posted by BlazeMeter on Friday, March 27, 2015

3. There is a ‘Free Forever Plan’

BlazeMeter has few pricing plans just like any other performance testing tools, but they have a ‘Free Forever Plan’ after the ‘Free Pro Trial’! And who doesn’t want something that’s lasting and free of charge! It’s a plan you can use forever without paying a single cent. You can have up to ten tests per month for up to 20 minutes. You can do this with 50 concurrent users. Just awesome! particularly, if you are a Start Up or own website/blog with limited funding for performance testing.

4. Free Plan for Start Ups

We all know how startups are careful when it comes to spending their budget, but we also want it to start the right way. And why not start with BlazeMeter with their free load testing for startups. Yes, you read that right. This Startup Plan provides six months of load testing for free for those who qualifies. You can have 15 performance tests per month with up to 1,000 users or 2 load servers as well as 2 weeks data retention. And the good news is you don’t even need to have a credit card!

5. ‘On-the-fly’ Script Recording with the BlazeMeter Chrome Extension

You’ll be surprised to know that BlazeMeter is easy and simple! It has created a script on the fly and all you have to do is install the BlazeMeter Chrome Extension on the Google Chrome browser. You can then test your application even without previous scripting knowledge. It only offers two modes—Record and FollowMe. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

BlazeMeter will indeed make your performance testing simple, without compromising its excellent quality. A powerful platform you should look into and if you haven’t used JMeter yet, then I think you really should. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your performance tests the way it should be.

The video by Ophir Prusak explains in detail How to run a loadtest using JMeter and Blazemeter

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