How easily can your customers use your application ?


Ease of use & Interface testing

It might seem obvious, but on top of everything the user ease of use and user interface are extremely important, both need to be tested with a huge amount of scrutiny. This is such an important aspect because it’s what your customer actually gets to see, and is a visual and operational representation of your business.
Usability means how user-centered your application is. Applications that are easy to use and understand leaves a lasting impression on the users, thereby increasing your customer base.

According to Google Design


Usability is a key feature of your application that alone decides how long the users are going to use it. How easily are they able to reach what they are looking for? Do they have a positive feeling about your website? How many of users are willing to return and refer your site?

A good application user interface is very important for a business to grow. Google has very good documentation on application design and user accessibility.

So how do you achieve a better usability and accessibility of your application ?

Here is a list of documentation by Google (again) to help you with your application usability.
You can find here a 4 step guide to Optimizing UX and improving revenue.

And, For a better user experience of your application.

  • check_box The design should be simple enough for the users to learn the application functionalities at the first glance.
  • check_box_outline_blank Information is presented the way users expect it to. It should be understandable, findable and most importantly scan-able by the intended users.
  • check_box_outline_blank Make sure your application is stable, and the servers are updated to avoid returning any 404 like errors to the users. If you are not Google or Facebook your customers are less likely to return to your website and more likely to go back to their google search.
  • check_box_outline_blank Make your website responsive. Today, your customers can try and access the service you provide from any device possible. A responsive application can help you provide your users the same and already accustomed experience, no matter from where they reach out to your website.

Performance testing provides you a full report on every aspect of this critical and aesthetic part of your application. It allows you to identify anything that is consistently going wrong with a view to finding an immediate fix.

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