How to optimize network bandwidth utilization ?


Pervasive network performance problems

It is evident that no matter how much bandwidth is available at your disposal, network problem often remains pervasive. Especially if you are part of a large, or, even a small enterprise.

Most often the poor performance of a network is mainly due to nature of the applications hosted within the network; as well as, confluence of users, devices and different applications in the network. In order to achieve a steady outcome from your application, you’ll need to monitor the network utilization of the application very closely.

The below image gives a rough idea of how the network bandwidth is typically utilized in a medium-to-large scale enterprise.

Network performance problem

A precise network bandwidth utilization report of your application, and more importantly a realistic performance baseline can help you identify the network settings for optimum utilization of resources. It can also help to identify and prepare, in advance, for any signs of trouble with your application in the future.

According to Google Developers

Optimizing network performance

Here is a nice video on Network bandwidth optimization from “Chrome Dev Summit 2013”

#perfmatters: Optimizing network performance – Chrome Dev Summit 2013 (Ilya Grigorik)

Network virtualization using HP Loadrunner for optimized bandwidth utilization

read more about HP network virtualization here

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